Domestic Violence Ministry Training :

  Setting Captives Free Holding Abusers Accountable, Ministering the Grace & Love of Christ, Mobilizing the Church to be a Source of Healing & Refuge for the Community

Domestic Violence Ministry Training

Bringing Domestic Violence Training to Your Church

Biblical Intervention Ministries, Inc. is dedicated to providing domestic violence task force consultation and comprehensive domestic violence training for pastors and churches. Plans are made in advance regarding the time frame, session topics, and purpose (domestic violence education alone or including instruction on developing a domestic violence ministry in your church). Topics covered may include:


  • What is Domestic Violence? - a Closer Look at Verbal, Emotional, Sexual, Physical, and Spiritual Abuse

  • Characteristics of an Abuser/Why Does He Do That

  • Recognizing a Victim of Domestic Violence

  • Why Women Stay or Leave/Developing a Safety Plan

  • How Does Domestic Violence Affect the Family Especially Children

  • Teen Dating Violence

  • What Can the Church Do

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Counseling (Why NOT Couples Counseling)

  • Signs that the Abuser Has Changed

  • Church Safety Plan/Risks

  • Becoming an Anchor in the Storm/How to Help Someone in an Abusive Relationship

  • Development of Domestic Violence Policies and Procedures for Churches

  • Step by Step Approach for Churches to Address the Issue of Domestic Violence

  • Holding Abusers Accountable

Consulting Services include provision of sermon outlines, bible studies, youth group discussion, seminars, implementation of pre-marriage questions identifying risk of domestic violence, teachings on what the Bible really says about domestic violence, offender accountable, dispelling myths of domestic violence, along with Biblically based literature, provision of local resources, along with safety plans for victims and children.

Literature:  Customized with your church or organizations logo includes:  What Does the Bible Say About Domestic Violence, How to Help DV Victims, Why Not Couple's Counseling, Pastoral Strategies to Keep Members Safe