In order to make our services available to as wide an audience as possible, we utilize a sliding scale based upon family income.  If you wish to receive any type of services and are experiencing financial hardship; please submit a form and reach out.  Every request will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Biblical Coaching Sessions:  60-90 minutes

Biblical Discipleship Sessions: 60-90 minutes

Inner Healing/ Deliverance Sessions:  1.5-3 hrs.  Occasionally can run longer.

We believe  that sustainable inner healing and deliverance can only be attained through a "Season of Healing".  A season of healing is a commitment of a minimum of 6 months where the client meets every other week or every 3 weeks with 1 or 2 prophetic inner/healing and deliverance ministers to facilitate sessions led solely by the Holy Spirit.  While we only charge for one session (50 minutes) - since inner healing/deliverance is on the Holy Spirit's time - sessions can last between 1.5 to 4 hours.   In between inner healing/deliverance sessions; clients will be given assignments to help them grow in their relationship with Holy Spirit and which will empower them to sustain their freedom.  

At times, Christians get stuck and find it hard to move forward and grow in the Lord. Inner healing/deliverance is a lifestyle of being intimate with Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, bringing about the true Fruit of the Holy Spirit, flowing naturally from you without struggling (Galatians 5:22-23). Learning to live this way brings you into your destiny of being and not just doing. 


A Inner Healing/Deliverance session is a time set aside with the help of the Holy Spirit to walk you through the process of freedom and wholeness.   Inner Healing/Deliverance is not a counseling session but a time of interacting with Father, Son and Holy Spirit for wholeness and pursuit of your destiny.


Examples of how Inner Healing/Deliverance has been helpful to others:


                • Putting Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit into Their proper place in you, and putting you into

                   your proper place in Them. 

               • Exchanging heavy yokes for the yoke of the Trinity.

                • Revealing lies the enemy has woven into your mind. We all have come to believe lies about God.

                • Finding darkness and exchanging it for the truths of God. 

                • Making Ephesians 6:12, “For we do not fight against flesh and blood,” a reality in your life.

                • Understanding the intent of the enemy and identifying where we have come into agreement with


                • Looking for inner vows against the truths of God that has limited the scripture of Jeremiah

                   28:11 in your life. 

                • Truly forgiving yourself and others for the wrongs that have been done. This can only be done                          successfully through the Holy Spirit.

                 • Bringing down walls that are keeping you from your true self and your relationships with God

                    and others. 

                 • Resolving issues that come from any type of abuse such as soul wounds; painful memories;

                    breaking ungodly soul ties. 

                 • Identifying patterns of sin that continue to occur in your life. Inner healing sessions can                                permanently deliver you from habitual sins. Many believers find themselves going in circles                          over certain sin patterns they can't seem to conquer on their own. The great news is that you                        don't have too.  

Biblical Coaching/Counseling    $160/1.5- Hr. Session     Discount for block of sessions.

Prophetic Inner Healing             $200 1-5 Hr. Session    

Parental Alienation Cases - Contact Dr. Baldwin 417-731-8354    

We do not turn those away who truly seek help. Contact Dr. Baldwin who will be happy to work out a fee agreement that you can afford.


6 Session Package: Any Type Biblical Coaching/Counseling:  Alienation, Marriage, Recover,                     Life Transition,  Grief Coaching, etc. - $780 ($180 Savings)

12 Session Package:  Any Type Biblical Coaching/Counseling:  Alienation, Marriage,                                       Recover,  Life Transition,  Grief Coaching, etc. - $1200 ($720 Savings) $100/Session

Getting Started: 

1) Fill out contact form requesting a 50 minute consultation.  Consultations require a donation of $35 for 30 minutes. 

2) Download PDF if you are requesting an inner healing and deliverance session.  

3) Once you have filled out the form you may email it to drbaldwin@biblicalinterventions.com or upload through the upload button below.

3) Please make listed suggested donation or payment 48 hours prior to session meeting. We accept check, PayPal.me/drbaldwin, or you can make payment/donations through the donation portal on the main page. For services - please be sure to pay for the service fee. 



How Do I Know You Can Help Me? 

One of the purposes of the first session is for Dr. Baldwin to determine if we can help you. If we are not a good fit, we are happy to say so because we don’t want you expending time and resources on a potentially poor outcome. If we feel comfortable that we can help, we will propose a next step / ministry plan for your agreement.

How Are Internet Meetings Conducted?

1.Have a computer, smartphone (Apple or Android) or tablet with webcam and microphone capability. A headset (with microphone) is highly recommended. Performance is generally better on a laptop or desktop computer if you have an older or more basic tablet. We recommend that you not use a phone for our sessions because the viewing screen for desktop sharing is so small.

2.We will use a free web-conferencing application called GoToMeeting. You will receive a link in your email prior to each appointment. This a free, safe and very novice-friendly application. You do not need to purchase or register to use GoToMeeting with us.  You may be asked to download a plug-in; say “yes” to that request. You will test your system below.

3.Test that your computer is ready.

Some Deliverance Ministers State It is Wrong to Pay for Deliverance

I would like to address this issue because I receive many inquiries that feel as though they were led to reach out to this ministry and become upset when they realize that we charge for sessions.  We are not a church or a large  ministry that has any funding.  We feels our rates are extremely competitive with other prophetic inner healing/deliverance ministries which charge between $75.00 and $160.00 for 1.5 hour sessions. 

e operate on a sliding scale and regardless of how long the session takes (since we on Holy Spirits time) we only charge for one session/hr.  It is not uncommon for sessions to average up to 4 hours.  We ask that you allow for 3 hrs. every other week plus homework in between sessions.  Dr. Regina Baldwin and Mrs. Susanna Sihlen conduct prophetic inner healing sessions as a team whenever possible so I assure you that we are not making any profit on these sessions. Dr. Baldwin operates out of MO, USA and Susanna joins sessions from Sweden.  We are happy to provide referrals.

Dr. Baldwin has done deliverance sessions through the years but has found that rarely is deliverance done in that matter sustainable over long periods of time.  Through a season of healing (which is a minimum of a 6 month commitment but may last longer as the Holy Spirit leads); clients find sustainable freedom, victory, and exponential growth in their relationship with God.   Please call Dr. Baldwin on her cell at 417-731-8354 for any questions.  

We will NEVER turn anyone away for lack of ability to pay. We also do not have a large church or ministry that provides for our expenses.  We also never turn anyone away due to inability to pay.  If you would like to partner with us and support the work we are doing; I assure you that you are sowing into good soil.