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Cancer:  The diagnosis that changes your world.  Fear can be paralyzing; yet for your family, loved ones, and friends - you are purposed to be strong.   Yesterday,  you were at work or shopping.  You were complaining about children's homework and a house that never seemed to stay clean.  Yesterday, (or precancer) you were murmuring about the busyness is everyone's life. Yesterday, you were arguing with your teenager. Barbequeing with friends; making small talk with neighbors.  Yesterday, woke up. Got dressed. Got children up. Made breakfast. Ensured lunches were made and homework completed. Yesterday, one of your life goals was to get everyone ready and out of house by 7:30 am without incident.


Today you wished you hadn't taken so much for granted. Regret, disappointment, overwhelm, fear, courage, faith, doubt...countless emotions & scenarios run through your mind while everyone tells you "You'll be fine.  You'll beat this!  You are a warrior!  Jesus will heal you! "  You would do anything to go back & complain about the things that frustrated you yesterday; but yesterday is not today.  Your life has completely changed with one terrifying sentence: "We are sorry, you have cancer."  

I'm sorry you have received this diagnosis.  It's a game changer that you never imagined would happen to you.  I know first hand.  Shortly after moving to Missouri for a job; I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Jesus walked me through a 3.5 year battle.  I am living testimony to the FACT that Jesus still heals and wants to bring you to a place of healing.   It is possible to walk through surgeries, treatment, hospitalizations, and set backs with His peace who alone can guard your heart and mind.  He is able to care for  whomever you entrust to His care. 


I wrestled with a million questions such as "Why me? Why now? Why not me? How will I make ends meet?  How will I feel without hair?   Will I still be attractive?  What will I tell my children?  What will happen to my children?  How will I get through this?  I am here to tell you that not only can you get through this; but you can thrive and be made whole. 


I never thought I would say that cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Today, by the Grace of God, I can tell you that it was.  When I allowed God to make me whole - to bring me inner healing and replace distorted doctrine and beliefs - healing manifested when it looked like I didn't have a chance.

Jesus wants to hold your hand and walk this journey with you.  You don't have to do this alone. It would be my honor to walk this journey with you to bring encouragement, strength, and a safe place to process fears, anger, and every other feeling.   He still heals.  Call me, Dr. Baldwin today to schedule a free consultation at 417-731-8354.